Reliability, Scalability, Security, and Integration

JET Insure is a secure and scalable platform that enables health plans to establish their online marketplace and private exchange solution.


JET Insure is built to dynamically scale with increased workload demands without change to the system. As the transaction volume grows, additional resource (i.e. servers, storage, bandwidth etc) gets added without the need to stop the system. The distributed nature of the architecture allows for resources to be throttled at specific functional areas requiring more horsepower. You can rely on JET Insure to provide optimal service to you and your customer continuously year around.

Zero Footprint

Our cloud based JET Insure platform eliminates the need for you to procure and manage costly infrastructure. All you, your brokers, and customers need is an industry standard browser and internet access leverage vast array of tailor-made-for-you JET Insure functionality. JET Insure bundles in comprehensive fault tolerance and disaster recovery failover systems so your service is uninterrupted, reliable and always available.


JET Insure platform is fully HIPAA compliant and uses amalgamation of layered approaches including technology, policies and processes to securing access and data from potential threats. From secured data transmission to sophisticated encryption, role based security to limit access to designated information, to detailed audit logs and continuous eyes on the glass monitoring are just some of the protection measures working seamlessly in and around JET Insure platform. With JET Insure, let us worry about the safety and security of your data – so you have more time to look after your customers!

Seamless Integration

Our team has successfully implemented a number of complex integrations for the clients using our product. Some of the integrated systems include Facets (TriZetto), AMISYS, PowerMHS, ACom3, QNXT, Salesforce, and credit card gateway vendors. Depending upon the client needs and requirements, we can also do custom integrations.

Real-time Analytics

With JET Insure platform, your data is transformed into information which in turns gives you insight into your business, so you can make informed tactical and strategic decisions. Monitor key performance indicator and get detailed operational reporting. In addition to business analytics, you will have access to robust security analytics to monitor the health of JET Insure platform with full audit history of access, usage and potential threats. We got you covered!