Tailored-made for You

Interconnected portals for every role in your eco-system enabling team collaboration to attain higher efficiencies and productivity across all entities.

Sales Portal

Sales portal is designed to extend your reach to new customers, build customer loyalty and give team improved workflow to speed up application processing and decision-making. It offers end-to-end management of total customer relationship – from application, to approval, to on-going customer relations.  JET Insure sales portal helps the teams in the following key areas.

  • Lead, Contact and Quote Management
  • Broker Management
  • Customer Services
  • Enrollment, Policy Management, Renewals

Broker Portal

Make it easier and more profitable for brokers to sell multiple lines of your products from a single online portal. With JET Insure, brokers don’t have to switch back-and-forth, logging out of one system and into another, to manage and track applications from individual and family, small group and large group customers. This portal saves brokers time and money, making them more likely to market your products over the competition.

  • Intuitive design
  • Support for off-exchange & on-exchange selling
  • Easier and more Profitable for Brokers
  • Quote to card function

Underwriting Portal

Whether the underwriting process is handled in-house or via a third-party underwriting firm, this portal gives underwriters the tools and visibility they need to efficiently manage and track applications, rules, approvals, and enrollment. Additionally, time-savings DIY functions allow underwriters to easily make adjustments to workflows and business rules independently, without engaging in costly developers. This flexibility allows organizations to be more proactive and hands-on with their business processes.

  • Independently manage business rules
  • Easily make adjustments to workflows
  • Simple DIY functions
  • Manage administrative tasks

Enrollment Portal

Get the maximum advantage of the powerful portal and make your enrollment process simple, integrated, safe and secure. With JET Insure, benefits selection and management is made very simple. Stay on top of enrollment activities of your customers across all product lines. Monitor all enrollment queues, resolve issues and ensure compliance to policies and business rules. Enrollment portal allows:

  • Seamless enrollment
  • Self-service enablemen
  • Benefit selection and management
  • Comprehensive customer service and policy management

Billing Portal

Billing is not only a sensitive but equally complex task – and there are always chances of errors. Not so with JET Insure! You can rely on the sophisticated automated billing engine to accurately process and manage entire billing cycles across lines of business. Generate bills on demand or allow system to do the job itself.

To track anomalies, billing algorithms produce variance reports to alert you of potential issue with specific invoices allowing you to intervene and correct any possible errors. Full support for retroactivity, rate changes, account debits and credits and all type of variances handled seamlessly by JET Insure in a secure, transparent and rapid manner. The portal serves the following.

  • Billing across all product lines and for all customer segments
  • ACH, Lockbox, credit card, recurring payments
  • Automated and manual payment posting
  • Export Files and Reports
  • Billing and Collection

Commissions Portal

We empower you to manage commissions in a smart manner. Never lose sight of the bigger picture, and manage the rates per channel. Dynamic calculation based on the billed vs paid to set. With the help of JET Insure, commissions managers can do the following.

  • Billing & Commissions Management
  • Dynamic Calculation
  • Export Reports & Statement

Employers / Group Portal

JET Insure equips employers to manage their employees’ benefits comprehensively and efficiently. Our SaaS platform offers employers and benefit administrators full roster management to add/remove employees and dependents, change employee/dependent coverage, and manage other administrative tasks.

These built-in DIY functionalities create efficiencies by cutting down paper processes resulting in substantial time savings for health plans as well as employers. Decrease your costs while increasing your efficiency and customer service manifold, a win win for everyone!. Salient portal feature includes:

  • Easily Add/remove employees
  • Add/remove dependents
  • Change employee/ dependent coverage
  • Manage administrative tasks
  • Manage open enrollment, special enrollment
  • Access to billing statement, online payment capabilities

Employees Member Portal

Use JET Insure Employee portal to empower employees self-manage their benefit comparison and selection, and policy management needs. Our platform enables members to take care of their policy issues, manage depedents and demographics, select and view available benefits, print ID cards, and get detailed statements. Among a host of features, employee can do the following:

  • Benefit comparison and selection
  • Policy management
  • Print ID Cards
  • Print statements

Individual Customer Portal

Whether consumers purchase their health insurance through Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM), carrier’s broker network or direct from the carrier, JET Insure is there to help. Our easy-to-use Individual Customer Portal makes online product comparison, selection, and insurance processing swift and intuitive, helping consumers purchase the best health plan for their needs. Full support is provided for Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) user experience, online premium payments and policy management functions.

Individual portals give health carriers and their brokers a key competitive advantage in cashing in on the burgeoning post-2014 individual/family market – as it provides a direct avenue to individuals seeking the best health insurance options. We provide them with a shopping experience that inspires confidence since JET Insure is built on a comprehensive understanding of how the health insurance industry works.

Some of the key feature of Individual Customer portal are:

  • Quickly shop, compare, assess subsidy amounts and purchase plans
  • Manage policy, dependents
  • Online ID cards
  • Monitor tax credits, APTC amounts
  • Online invoices, payment processing