We are laser-focused on helping our clients drive results and achieve their core business goals. It is the fundamental principle of how we develop our solutions and how we work with our customers. We are proud to deliver exceptional results for our clients. The following cases should give you a glimpse of how we listen, talk, deal, and work with our customers .

Case Study

Facing numerous business difficulties including managing separate solutions from different vendors, the health insurance carrier sought to consolidate its product offerings into a single, unified platform. With brokers as the primary sales channel, the different platforms used were causing considerable training issues that adversely effected sales for both IFP and groups lines-of-business. The disparate online consumer/broker experience, need for greater business agility and efficiency to respond to opportunities, absence of solutions readiness for PPACA reforms, and lowering solution costs were the key challenges the carrier was facing.

Learn how we helped the health plan in coping up with those challenges and achieve its business goals in a sustainable way. Click on the button below, and download the detailed case study.

Case Study

With the existing group and individual application approval process, the customer’s underwriting staff was spending almost as much time reviewing “clear-cut” applications that met the criteria for approval as they were on those with missing information or that indicated factors requiring further evaluation. The goal was to leverage an automated process for identifying and expediting those clear-cut applications as well as to gather the information necessary to move the remaining applications forward in the approval and rejection process.

Learn how JET Insure helped the client increase membership by 15% and reduce the request time for additional information by 60 percent. Click on the button below, and download the detailed case study.

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