Gartner highlights JET Insure in their December 2012 "Quote-to-Card" Report January 11, 2013 Fort Lauderdale, FL – JET Health Solutions (the healthcare division of AAJ Technologies) continues to receive accolades for their flagship product JET Insure. In the December 12, 2012 Gartner Whitepaper titled, "Vendor Landscape: U.S. Healthcare Payers Navigate Quote-to-Card Enrollment Automation," JET Insure is featured for its capabilities to support the upcoming Health Insurance Exchange requirements and its industry-leading 24 hour turnaround time. This report also points out that health plans who don't automate their quote-to-card process risk wasting $3-7 million annually.

JET Insure was developed as a complete quote-to-card automation platform that not only accelerates approvals, but also cuts total processing costs with a low up-front investment. The JET Insure platform includes individual, employer, broker, underwriter, and carrier components, which allow health care payers to jettison multiple costly systems and combine them into a single easy-to-use platform. With the changes in health care laws looming and the influx of hundreds of thousands of individual applications on the horizon, healthcare companies are looking for ways to prepare without interrupting their current business. JET Insure is just the platform to turn to.

The praises of the JET Insure platform are already being heaped upon JET Health Solutions, with clients and users calling it the most intuitive system they use on a daily basis. The fact that JET Insure cuts approval times by over 80% and the ability to make substantive workflow changes without programmers make JET Insure a platform with unlimited flexibility and a rapid return on investment.