Single, Seamless Insurance Processing System​

​​​Unlike the competition, JET Insure gives health plans the power of choice when it comes to insurance processing systems. Pay only for the functionality you need today and seamlessly add more modules in the future without expensive custom integration.

Line-of-Business Modules

JET Insure equips health insurance carriers to sell one or more of these lines-of-business—all on a single platform:

  • Individual/Family
  • Small Group
  • Large Group
  • Self-Funding
  • Specialty Products (e.g. dental, vision, life insurance, etc.)

Role-Specific Portals​

Carriers can also "plug in" online portal capabilities to enhance user experience and collaboration among the various stakeholders on the JET Insure platform.



Gartner Research Note Highlights JET Insure Research Note Highlights JET InsureGartner Research Note Highlights JET Insure