Under The Hood

Here’s an overview of the technologies that power JET Insure’s quote-to-card insurance automation architecture.

The JET Insure platform is built on SOA architecture following layered or tiered (n-tier) design pattern. The core process is developed in .NET technologies (C#) and integrates with external applications via services.


Transaction volume: JET Insure is designed to work on a server farm and scales with increased workload demands without change to the system. As the transaction volume grows, additional resource (i.e. servers, storage, bandwidth etc.) can be added to the farm and the application will start using the resources without any change to itself.

User volume: There is no limit on number of licenses and number of users who can access the system in different capacities (internal users, external users).

Network Connectivity

All the components of the JET Insure platform are easily accessed over the Internet using a standard browser (no plug-in required) on any compatible operating system. As part of the JET Health Solutions suite of services, JET Insure benefits from reliable services for backups, failover, disaster recovery, load balancing, fault tolerance, etc.

Product Security

JET Insure supports role-based security, which allows access to different functionality of the software according to the role of the user. A user with appropriate rights defines custom groups and allows rights (view/add/edit/delete) to different functions within the product. Users of JET Insure can then be added to the desired groups. This means that once a user is logged-in, the determination as to whether or not access to a resource is granted is based on the group a user is a member of, such as Administrator, User, Supervisor, etc.