Multi-Coverage Options on a Single Platform

Self-funding has traditionally been the primary insurance option for large groups. However, due to the Affordable Care Act, there has been a significant shift in the healthcare industry that brings self-funding to small and midsized groups as a way to avoid rising premiums. Self-insured plans allow organizations to offer health benefits to employees while enabling them to control costs through customized benefits plans and stop-loss coverage.

Health plans and Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs) in the self-funded industry are simplifying the process of offering self-funded coverage and stop-loss products to these new customers. The key to tapping these customers is JET Insure, a technology platform which allows health plans and ASOs to:

  • Offer all available healthcare options: self-funded, stop-loss, fully funded and specialty products on a single platform
  • Establish comprehensive online portals for customers, brokers, and inside sales
  • Automate end-to-end insurance administration process beginning with quotes, plan choice, proposal, enrollment, and post-enrollment management functions
  • Automate the renewal process for improved customer retention

Organizations are searching for platforms like JET Insure to successfully transition into healthcare consumerism and improve facilitation of existing processes. JET Insure empowers the self-funded industry to move into an efficient, high-velocity environment as many smaller employers will be entering the self-insured arena for the very first time. To learn more about how JET Insure can help you successfully make this transition, call us today at 866.780.8550.