Individual Portal​

Whether consumers purchase their health insurance through a carrier’s broker network or direct from the carrier, JET Insure’s easy-to-use Individual Portal makes online product comparison, selection and insurance processing less stressful and more intuitive for consumers, helping them purchase the best health plan for their needs and finances. This individual portal gives health carriers—and their brokers—a competitive advantage in cashing in on the burgeoning post-2014 individual/family market as it provides a direct avenue to individuals seeking the best health insurance options.

Through JET Insure’s Individual Portal, users gain:

  • The ability to quickly shop, compare, and purchase health insurance plans as well as specialty products for themselves and their families
  • An stress-free shopping experience that allows them to enter and save their application forms without loss of data or rework
  • Expedited insurance card issuance through JET Insure’s automated quote-to-card system, saving them critical time

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