Laser-Focused On The Healthcare Market

JET Health Solutions, the healthcare division of IT systems integrator and consulting firm AAJ Technologies, equips healthcare payers and providers with the technology tools they need to surge ahead of the competition in a post-2014 health reform marketplace.

Since its inception, JET Health Solutions has developed and implemented break-through automation systems for healthcare clients that boost productivity, improve operational efficiencies, accelerate sales, and bolster the bottom line. Our technical team and project management office (PMO) staff possess in-depth expertise in healthcare operations to ensure solutions deliver real-world business value to clients.

JET Health Solutions’ flagship product, JET Insure, is the quote-to-card insurance automation platform that equips health plans to sell multiple lines-of-business—individual/family, small group, large group, and speciality products—faster and more profitably, all on a single system.

Serving both healthcare payers and providers, JET Health Solutions also provide a larger breadth of services that include:

  • Claims processing and auto-adjudication
  • Enrollment, underwriting and eligibility solutions
  • Plan and benefit administration
  • Clinical care plans and case management systems
  • ICD-10 conversion
  • Pre-authorization, referrals and billing
  • Rx management and hospitalist systems
  • Grievance tracking and compliance
  • Group, consumer and wellness portals
  • Physician, patient and broker portals
  • Fraud-prevention and detection
  • Healthcare analytics and business intelligence.