​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​JET Insure is the quote-to-card insurance automation platform that equips health plans to sell multiple lines-of-business—individual/family plans, group plans, and spec​ialty products—faster and more profitably, all on a single, unified system.​​​​


The historic Affordable Care Act brings significant changes to the way payers conduct business. More than ever, health plans must control costs, grow wallet-share, and speed up quote-to-card processing to remain competitive in the insurance space. JET Insure allows healthcare payers to process larger numbers of applicants with increased speed, precision and efficiency.



IndividualIndividualShop, Compare & PurchaseEasy-to-Use Interfacehttp://www.jethealthsolutions.com/jetinsure/portals/individual
EmployerEmployerCompare & Purchase Insurance PlansDefine & Manage Contributionshttp://www.jethealthsolutions.com/jetinsure/portals/employer
BrokerBrokerManage Opportunities &Write More Business Fasterhttp://www.jethealthsolutions.com/jetinsure/portals/broker
UnderwriterUnderwriterFacilitates Best PracticesFor Predictable Outcomeshttp://www.jethealthsolutions.com/jetinsure/portals/underwriter